Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Baggage

Some friends of mine have posted similar photos on their blogs. Interesting what we carry with us everyday. Although the contents of my bag change frequently, more so with school starting next week, this is more or less currently what I have been carrying with me.

First, the bag. This one-strap shoulder bag has been with me to Scotland and Australia, in addition to campus, the INN, coffeeshops, and various other locales in Bellingham. The buttons on the outside represent a child in Uganda and Bumbershoot 2008 (one of which says "Mine is playing in the road"--I do not know what "mine" is exactly, but I do understand that it lives recklessly).

There is some loose change I was surprised (but charmed) to find in one pocket. Next to that are the pink sunglasses I found on a bench at the Fairhaven lawn (finders keepers...). To the right of them is more Bumbershoot 2008 memorabilia (a magnetic button, a schedule, and a program booklet).

I try to keep food in my bag--Triscuits this time--to augment my lunch. And sometimes I just like to snack. Next to that is my iPod, with its broken screen and dodgy earbuds. Purell is always nice to have on hand, as are sticky notes. Lately I've been keeping Saint Augustine's Prayer Book around, curious about liturgical prayer.

I like to have my Moleskine journal with me just in case I'm accosted by the muses. It's why I also keep a pen with me, too. The brown Crayola marker made its way into the bag, but never back out again: I do not know why, on both counts. Finally, I keep literature around for lulls in my day. The novel is book sixteen for my summer reading and is called Bowl of Cherries, by ninety-year-old, first-time-novelist Millard Kaufman. He invented Mr. Magoo. The book is funny-ish, eloquent, engaging, and weird. Kind of right up my alley. Next to that is a monthly lit publication called Solarium. It's published locally and features short stories and poetry based on themes. This month: Too many ghosts in my closet to risk changing my clothes.

In the past, I've developed minor shoulder/back discomfort when I was carrying too many books and things in this bag, so I try to keep it light. That's all.

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