Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leaks in a Paper Boat

Studio time is easing—slowly—to a close on my music project, a full-length album with the newly minted title There There. By fall, nearly upon us, Chandler and I should be done with the nuts and bolts of recording. Then, it's on to mastering and production. I have no idea how long these things take.

To keep you all interested, to keep your minds at ease, I've leaked a track onto my site. The song is called "Hard Heart" and has turned out wonderfully thanks to the hard work put into it by my producer and sound engineer, and guitarist for this track, Chandler Stone (The Gramophones), whom you can hear singing along with Christine Bron (also from the Gramophones).

Other miscellanea you might be interested to note is that cover art is being done by D.J. Morgan (another Gramophone), who also plays drums on the whole album. We've come so far but have much farther to go. Thanks for bearing with me. Hope to have more for you soon.

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theTsaritsa said...

Nice. I like the sound on the song. The art is cool, too.