Friday, November 26, 2010

Noel Ghosts: A Christmas Giveaway

Black Friday, I know. The Christmas season is irrefutably upon us. Advent is going to have us waiting and waiting; I thought I'd offer an early Yuletide gift. I'm giving away a copy of Contingency Plans: Poems, and to do so, it makes sense to say it with poetry, if you follow.

Two years ago, I wrote a poem about waking to find peace on earth and goodwill toward men, still haunted by my own poor spirits.

Christmas Morning

Almost, I didn't wake up,
and felt worse for wear.
I was so close to being swallowed
entirely by blankets and comforters
I never asked for but wrapped
around me anyway.

When I rose, I began
with sacred words mumbled
by unmoved lips and foggy head,
an insincere act meaning well.

To myself, I am
a person always out of breath,
quietly and leisurely being
driven out of my mind. And you
still regard me with a nod,
a smile, and a pleasant hello.

This week, I dare you to write a poem about Noel Ghosts. There's an old tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve. Charles Dickens is perhaps most famous for his: A Christmas Carol. Be they spirits of Christmases past, present, yet to come, or altogether fantasy, I love a good ghost story.

I'm happy to join with The High Calling for this Random Act of Poetry. Make sure to post a link to your poem in the comments by 6pm (PST), Thursday, December 2, for links and possible feature TS Poetry, Friday, December 3. Meanwhile, that same day the giveaway winner will be announced here.