Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hear here! for ThereThere

Family, friends, critics, and lovers alike. Please, please make your way over to the site for the official release of my music project There There. Listen & download; name your price, including FREE!

A great deal of thanks goes out to my producer, engineer, mixer, and musical co-conspirator Chandler Stone, for his time and patience, the use of his studio, his expertise and instrumental talents. Thanks also to DJ Morgan for not only constructing and contributing drum parts to nearly every track, but also for designing cover art for the album. To Joel Sheppard of Bear Cove for playing bass on several tracks; to Bobby Morgan for guitars and bass on several others. To Dana Little for her vocal styling on the duet "Trouble My Heart," but especially for encouragement and advice in this whole process. To Christine Bron for offering vocals to "Hard Heart"; to Michelle McKeown for her cello on "There is Nothing." And, finally, to Martin Feveyear and Jupiter Studios for the final mastering.

Thanks, also, to you: for listening. Enjoy!

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